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God does not lie.  With exceptions in radio carbon dating and dating involving argon, the radiometric dates are real. The Bible is also telling the truth. The ages interpreted in atomic dating and via other atomic processes can be coordinated with the biblical time frame when it is understood that atomic processes have not been constant through time.  Data regarding this may be found in, among other places, Atomic Constants, Light and Time, published in 1987.   Data and Creation, the Genesis study, The Bible and Geology, and many other sections of this website deal with this. Both the creation and the Bible come together when the correction is made, to show that the biblical time line is correct.  In the geological record, three major catastrophes interrupt four major geological divisions.  In the Bible, three major catastrophes are recorded, separating four distinct times.  The coordination of these dates is in the chart below.  The correction factor has been applied as taken from the standard redshift curve.  The explanation for this may be found in Exploring the Vacuum and The Redshift and the Zero Point Energy.

The geologic record on earth begins with the earliest dated rocks, or at approximately 4.5 billion atomic years ago.  The time of beginning, however, has been judged by astronomers to be approximately 14 billion atomic years ago when considering the entire universe.

This 14 billion year age then corresponds with 0 time, or the beginning of Creation Week in the Bible, or about 5810 B.C.  This is not the time scale which conforms to the Masoretic Text which is the basis for most our translations today, including the King James, but rather the time scale known to the earliest writers of the Christian era and sbstantiated by the Alexandrian Septuagint, translated 250 years before Christ from paleo-Hebrew to classical Greek.  Material on this may be found in the Chronology section, the Genesis study, as well as in an excellently referenced online book by Robert Bradshaw, Creationism and the Early Church.

Dating, then, from the earliest time on earth to the most recent, the ages are as follows.  Click on each in turn to see the chart connected with it.

Archaeozoic Era
Palaeozoic Era
Mesozoic Era
Cenozoic Era
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