Our Place


We live in Grants Pass, Oregon. And we love it here. Barry lived near Adelaide, in Australia, and he was not used to having enough water for everything. Grants Pass is in a valley, so we get gorgeous snow on the mountains but not much more than you see in the bottom picture here at any one time. The seasons are lovely, the growing season good, the people are sweet and we can't imagine living anywhere else now.




This is Christopher, our profoundly retarded 34 year old son. (We adopted him at 20 months old and he got encephalitis when he was three.) His body is very healthy, but his IQ is officially less than 20; it cannot be measured. This picture is when he got into the chocolate sauce in the refrigerator. He is profoundly autistic, spending days rocking on his bed and swinging in the adult swing we put into a fenced in play yard for him. He loves music and food, and gives great hugs. He's our forever baby and we love him dearly.




In between the guest house and the main house we have a small corridor that we turned into our 'secret garden.' The gate at the end keeps dogs out.
pampasgrass 2008
This pampas grass is growing on the southwest corner of our property. It is in full 'bloom' this late September and beautiful.

Outside our bedroom is a winding back porch bordered by a special walk-through garden area we have loaded with flowers and two Japanese maples as well as a five birch trees to the right, off the picture. Autumn now.


The south side of the house has the rose garden, in the last bloom of the 2008 season right now. Bordering it are dwarf pyracantha shrubs.


Looking out of our front door down the main drive. The front walk is ramped and the railing makes it wheelchair friendly.

backyard spring 2008

Spring, 2008. Only two years old the small back walk through gardens are looking good. In the background in the horse barn.



By spring, the columbine, only two years along at this point, have gone wild under the young birch trees.


and then there is winter. Looking out toward our small horse barn from the back patio, across that small walk-through garden in back.

tulips 2009
Spring of 2009 our tulips under the birches have naturalized and it's really a show. This is what makes gardening fun!