Meaning:   Blasphemy Against Holy Spirit

What is blasphemy?  “Insult” not strong enough sign.  Blasphemy means you talk negative about God, tell lies about God. 

In Matthew 12:24, Pharisees say Jesus has power through devil.   Did Pharisees know they lie?  Yes.  In Matthew 8, Jesus heals man with leprosy, heals Roman soldier’s servant, heals Peter’s mother-in-law, heals two demon-possessed men.  In Matthew 9, Jesus heals paralyzed man, heals sick woman, causes Roman ruler’s daughter live again, heals blind people, heals people who cannot talk.  Then, Matthew 10, Jesus sends out twelve disciples to heal people and preach about Jesus.  Pharisees know about all these things.  So when they say Jesus gets His power from devil, they know they lie.  

Jesus answers about what Pharisees say in Matthew 12: 25-32.  Here is simple English for these verses.  This is very important.

If kingdom has two parts and two parts fight each other, then kingdom become destroyed.  If city has two groups fight each other, city will become destroyed.  Family same:  if some people in family fight other people in family, then family destroyed.  I cause demons leave people.  If I have Satan’s power then why I fight against Satan?  I cause Satan become divided himself!  If I cause demons leave people because I have Satan’s power, then who gives you power so you can cause demons leave people?  Whoever gives you power will judge you.  But if I cause demons leave people because I have power from God’s Spirit, then God’s kingdom is here.

Here is another picture:  how can a person enter strong man’s house and steal strong man’s things?  He must tie up strong man first!  Then he can steal his things. 

Choice:  with me or against me.  Other choice none.  Choice:  gather with me  or scatter (toss different directions, spread apart).  I tell you truth:  If a man sins or blasphemy, God can forgive all.  Except one.  One special God will not forgive.  If a man blasphemy against Holy Spirit,  forgive none.  If someone speaks negative against Son of Man [Jesus], can forgive.  But if someone speaks negative against Holy Spirit, forgive never.  Now, forever, never forgive. 

Jesus very strong about blasphemy against Holy Spirit.  What His meaning?  Bible explains Bible.  Here is more Bible.

In John 16:13, Jesus talks to His disciples before Roman guards arrest Jesus.  He tells His disciples the Holy Spirit is Spirit of Truth – meaning Holy Spirit always shows truth and Holy Spirit fully truth inside Himself. 

Now look Romans 1:18-25.  Simple English:
God pours His anger from heaven.  God’s anger against wicked actions from men who refuse God.  These men know truth but push away truth.  Their wicked actions deny truth.  They know about God.  Clear knowledge about God.  God gives them clear knowledge about Himself.  How?  Since God created world, men can understand clearly about God’s eternal power and His divine nature.  Men cannot see these qualities, but men can clearly understand about them.  How?  Because God causes creation itself to show God’s qualities – eternal power and divine nature.  Men have excuses none.

Wicked men finish know about God.  But they refuse honor God.  They refuse thank God.  Happen, wicked people’s thoughts become worthless.  Their foolish hearts become dark.  These wicked men say “We are wise,” but truth?  They become fools.  They not want God.  Instead, they prefer other things.  They prefer statues looking same as animals, same as other men, same as birds and lizards! 

God’s decision?  The wicked people choose against God.  God allows their sin desires control them.  These wicked people become involved in wrong sex with each other.  These wicked people refuse God’s truth, prefer lie.  They worship God’s creation, refuse worship God.  We praise God forever. Amen.

Jesus said Holy Spirit is Spirit of Truth.  He said blasphemy against Holy Spirit cannot forgive.  Never forgive.  Paul tells us in Romans, God’s anger against people who push away truth, prefer lie.  When a person pushes away truth – when a person KNOWS truth and prefers lie – and the person continues, continues prefer lie, not want truth.  THAT is blasphemy against Spirit of Truth – against Holy Spirit.

Important lesson:  remember Garden of Eden?  Eve believed Satan’s lie, ate fruit.  But Paul tells us later, Satan fooled Eve.   So Eve not responsible for sin in world.  Adam responsible.  Adam knew better.  Adam knew truth and preferred against truth, preferred against God’s command.  Many times people believe wrong, but they do not know wrong.  Someone fools them.  Maybe teacher, maybe church leader, maybe friend.  The person who believes wrong – NOT blasphemy against Holy Spirit.  Paul is very clear about this.  He clearly says wicked people finish KNOW truth and prefer lie.  Then they continue prefer lie. 

Remember when Jesus said, in Matthew (simple English) “Ask, and you will get; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will open for you.”  This promise has two sides:  if you want truth, God will show you truth.  But if you want lie, you will find lie.  What do you want?  Jesus said if you ask for something, look for something – you will get it.  He not mean new car, vacation, more  money.  He means important things:  truth and lie.  Choice, which you want? 

Picture:  choices in life same as pathway that separates. 
choice path

Which way?  Short time, maybe one foot on each path!  But soon you must choose which way.  First, everyone chooses path to hide from God, so they can sin and maybe God not see. Maybe you think, “Later, I can change paths if I do not like this path.”  Yes, possible.  That is called ‘repentance!’  You wish you choose other way.  When you repent, then God will miracle put you on other path.  That means ‘born again.’ 

But if a person chooses against truth, chooses path against truth.  If person KNOWS he chooses against truth, but maybe makes lots excuses, then he will continue go down lie path.  He will continue prefer lie.  People do not like humble, admit “I was wrong.”  People have pride, do not want to admit wrong.  So make excuses, keep going wrong way. 

When people choose lie, they get lie.  They get evil actions, evil, selfish life.  These belong to lie.

When people choose truth, God will lead them to Jesus and Jesus will give them new heart and new life. 

Suppose person knows for sure what is true. But, no matter, person chooses lie. Again, again, person prefers lie. That is blasphemy against Holy Spirit.  Not mean one time mistake.  No.  Paul shows the person continues push away truth.  Again, again. 

If a person pushes away truth, means person also pushes away Holy Spirit – pushes away God.  Jesus said Holy Spirit is Spirit of Truth. Push away truth = push away Holy Spirit. If person not want God, then person will refuse to admit sin.  If not admit sin, if not ask God forgive, then God not forgive.  God is always ready forgive if person repents.  But if person refuses repent, refuses admit wrong, then forgive stays in God's heart and He cannot give it to person. 

Important note:  forgive, atone DIFFERENT!  On cross, Jesus atone for every sin in whole world forever, past, present, future.  Atone is pay back debt.  Legal requirement. 

Picture:  suppose someone kills your best friend.  Police arrest him, jury says he is guilty, and man is punished, maybe executed.   Punishment satisfies legal requirement.  But what about your heart?  You forgive man?  That is different!  Forgive is part personal relationship, but atone is legal requirement.  Jesus satisfied legal requirement for all people.  Jesus fully satisfied God’s justice.  But when God forgive?  When you repent, become Christian, God forgives you all sins in your past.  In 1 John, John tells us we also must admit to God when we sin and God will always forgive us again, again.  Our personal relationship with God involves forgiveness.  Every day.  But atonement one time finish forever for all people.  Legal requirement one time finished.  Forgiveness every day. 

In Acts 5, Ananias and Sapphira – they blaspheme against Holy Spirit?  No,  Bible never says they blaspheme against Holy Spirit.  Why they die? 

End chapter four, we see many disciples sell land, sell things to share with other Christians.  Some sell lots, some sell little.  But everyone share. 

Everyone share impresses other people.  They all share with each other, help each other. 

Ananias and Sapphira sold land and keep some money for themselves.  That is not bad.  But they lie about money.  They pretend they give all money to disciples.  (Maybe they want other people think they are wonderful?) If they choose to keep some money and honest tell disciples they keep some money, no problem.  But they lied about money.  Peter accused them, telling them they lie to God.  Peter accused Ananias he lied to Lord.  Peter accused Sapphira she tests Lord’s Spirit.   They both sin, but both not blasphemy against Holy Spirit. 

Why God kill them?  God serious, people must be honest with each other.  Do not try lie to God.  Do not try lie to other people.  If you have money, your choice how much you give.  If you have time, your choice how you use time.  Our best advice?  Follow Holy Spirit inside you.  He will tell you best way to give time, money, skills.  He will guide you best way.

Here is Ananias and Sapphira story, simple English, Acts 5:1-11

A man and wife, Ananias and Sapphira, sold some property.  Ananias kept some money for themselves.  Sapphira knew Ananias kept money.  Ananias brought some money to Apostles.  He did not bring all money. 

Then Peter said, “Ananias, why you allow Satan inside your heart?  You lie to Holy Spirit?  You keep some money for yourself?  When you sell land, all money yours, right?  You can choose about money, what to do with money.  Why you pretend you give all?  You not lie to men, you lie to God.” 

Ananias heard Peter’s words and, happen, Ananias fell down, dead.  Some young men carried away Ananias’ body.  They wrapped body in cloths and buried body. 

About three hours later, Sapphira came to see Apostles.  She did not know her husband die.  Peter asked Sapphira, “Tell me about this money?  Is this full amount money you and Ananias get when you sell land?”

Sapphira answered, “Yes, that is full price.”

Peter said to her, “How can you agree test God’s Spirit?  Look!  Here are young men who carried away your husband’s body.  They will carry you away, too.”

Happen, Sapphira fell down, dead.  Then young men came in and carried her body away.  They buried her beside her husband.  Whole church, and everyone who hear about this, all fear very much.

God used Ananias and Sapphira to teach lesson to people.  Ananias and Sapphira selfish, but that is not same as blasphemy.  They try to lie TO God, but they not lie ABOUT God.  We do not know if they saved, yes or no.  We only know God used them to teach lesson about honesty.