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It is never good science to ignore anomalous data or to eliminate a conclusion because of some presupposition. Sir Henry Dale, one-time President of the Royal Society of London, made an important comment in his retirement speech: "Science should not tolerate any lapse of precision, or neglect any anomaly, but give Nature's answers to the world humbly and with courage." To do so may not place one in the mainstream of modern science, but at least we will be searching for truth and moving ahead rather than maintaining the scientific status quo. -- Barry Setterfield


THE DODWELL MANUSCRIPTS -- the work of George F. Dodwell, astronomer, by request of his sons

Questions and comments regarding the Dodwell material

The Alexandrian Septuagint -- how old is it really?

NEW: What about the Book of Jasher?

notes from a presentation in Germany regarding Barry's work and research. November 2008. Presenter, Rinus Kiel.

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Research Papers: beginning with the 1987 paper on the speed of light research

DATA AND CREATION: THE ZPE-PLASMA MODEL March, 2009 -- a layman-oriented paper for the web explaining how the research and data come together to present their own answers astronomically and geologically.

August 2010 Ibex image of earth's plasma sphere

ZERO POINT ENERGY AND THE RED SHIFT -- as presented at the Natural Philosophy Alliance seventeenth annual conference in Long Beach, California, June, 2010


Setterfield Simplified: an ongoing series of articles for the layman

Discussion: Barry answers questions emailed to him

Some Areas of Disagreement with the Australian/American Creationist Societies

Recent discussion questions

A Complete Geological Column?

What is the CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation)?

'The Christmas Star' discussion some questions and responses and other notes

Notes on the News: comments on some news items

Responses to Critics: doesn't everyone have them?

Response to Russ Humphreys 'analysis' of the Setterfield work in his book Starlight and Time

The Positive Side

Recommended: A few materials we have been impressed with, both positively and negatively

Scripture: some material regarding the Bible

Weekly Bible Study


Helen's Page: Helen is Barry's wife. This page includes our place, our animals, and some essays

For our Deaf Friends: some material in simple, sign-compatible English for our deaf friends

Kids and Science: kids' questions and our answers

DVD's: The Christmas Star and Anomalies are currently available. The Christmas Star is the result of fifteen years of research into astronomy, history, and the Bible. Anomalies is the result of thirty years of research into physics and astronomy and deals with the speed of light, the zero point energy, red shifted light from distant galaxies and the plasma model of the universe. Both are lay-oriented.

Also available now is a short book, originally meant only to be an explanatory pamphlet, but it grew....The Bible and Geology. NOTE: There are two corrections which have been made, linked here. They are in our third edition but not in the first two.

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