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Corrections in The Bible and Geology

1. In our second edition we corrected the idea that the waters of Noah's flood may have been rising for the full 150 days. Genesis is extremely clear that the waters increased for the forty days of rain and the explosions of the fountains of the deep and after that started to recede and contined to recede until the Ark touched ground on day 150. The idea that the waters continued to rise for 150 days is encouraged by a number of creation publications, presumably to give them more time for the geologic column to build, but it is not supported biblically

2. It was brought to our attention, and this correction will be in the third printing, that there are several mentions in the Bible using the terminology of the Lord 'coming down,' not just the two we mentioned. These occur only, however, during the Exodus from Egypt.

3. The fourth printing has numerous grammatical and spelling corrections that somehow managed to escape two proof readers the first time around.