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Putting it All Together

Ever since Barry found there was evidence the speed of light had not always been constant, 36 years ago, he has been following where the data leads. In the process, he has found that a lot of the standard creationist ideas do not align with the data, just as the standard ideas in astronomy and geology also do not. As a result, his work has been disavowed by many in all those areas. At the same time, he began to receive accolades from many unexpected sources, accompanied by invitations to speak in nations around the world. In the fifteen years we have been married, I have seen him accept criticisms calmly and change when the data they presented required it. His ego never got in the way. He has followed the data, convinced that Paul's words in Romans 1 regarding the evidence of creation itself need to be taken very seriously. God has not tried to deceive or trick us in His creation.

In the meantime, not too many years ago, we discovered Barry has a rather rare, inherited disorder called porphyria. His type is the 'combined' type. The expected lifespan for those with this disorder is 40-60 years. Barry was 73 this year. He is getting progressively weaker, and sleeps quite a bit. He has become so photosensitive that if he goes out in the sun at all his skin will bleed around his fingers and elbows. There are several other unpleasant symptoms, all of which are getting worse. We thank God that his brain is still active and sharp and he spends hours each day answering the emails that come in.

When the end will come we have no idea, so we treasure each day we have together. With all this in mind, he has spent some time putting several articles together which give an overview of his work and his conclusions for the layman. The areas will primarily be in physics, astonomy and geology. As he finishes with them, they will be put up here and linked below. The way it all fits in biblically can be found in our study on Genesis 1-11.

A final note: while we are deeply grateful for your prayers, we ask that they be for God's grace in Barry's life and the strength to finish whatever God wants him to do. Please do not send emails with suggested cures. There is no cure for porphyria and we trust God entirely with our lives.

Helen Setterfield, October 18, 2015

March 2017 update -- Barry is still doing pretty well. Pain, weakness and tiredness have increased but the Lord is giving him the grace to deal with it. Two naps a day is normal now.

Development of the ZPE Plasma approach 9/15

Rock and Fossil Summary 9/15

Plasma Physics, Astronomy and the ZPE Model 10/15

Summary of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) phenomena 10/15

Equations and the Time Question 12/15

Creation and Plasma Physics 2/17

About the Speed of Light 5/17

Where Do We Stand Compared to Other Creationists? 1/16



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