Israel was formed in 1948 in large part as a response to the slaughter of millions of Jews by the Nazis. But they were not the only ones. Throughout history, the Jewish people have been attacked and attempts made to either marginalize them or eradicate them. None of the efforts have worked. God's plan for these people is bigger than that. In these last days, Satan is making one final massive effort to wipe Israel off the map forever. That effort will fail, but the cost will be enormous. Please pray for Israel.

The following is used with the permission of Zion's Hope.

The World Remains Silent as Israel's
Enemies Seek to Destroy Her:

Astoundingly, while the tide of anti-Semitism rises across
the globe, the White House seeks a boycott of Israeli Prime
Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress about Iran's
nuclear threat to Israel and America.

by Marvin Rosenthal

I believe with the totality of my heart that which I am about to share with you. I am absolutely convinced in the deepest recesses of my soul that it is right on target and consistent with the Word of God, and right where we are at this hour of history.

Throughout most of the 1930s and into the 1940s, Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. His power was dominating and dictatorial. Hitler was responsible for persecuting the Jewish people first in Germany and then in the countries his armies conquered. By the time Hitler was through, 6 million Jewish people had perished.

While this was taking place – and this is factually correct – nearly all of the pastors in Germany remained silent. Most of the citizens of the nations where the Jews were being slaughtered also remained silent. Furthermore, as the war continued, world governments such as America, which, to a large degree, knew what was going on and could have intervened in some ways, did little to end Jewish suffering.

History Repeats:

The Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates the heroism
of Queen Esther as she pled for the life of her people. Purim begins in a few days on the evening of March 4th. Purim is the Hebrew word for “lots” in remembrance of the pur (lot) that was cast by the wicked Haman to determine the month and day on which the Jewish people were to be killed throughout the mighty Persian Empire. It is of more than passing coincidence to note that more than 2500 years later - just one day before the Jewish people remember Purim - that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu will go before an audience of American leaders to plead for the safety of His people from a new Persian (Iranian) threat that seeks, once again, to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth.

Why am I telling you this? The reason is because worldwide anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism are dramatically increasing. I am absolutely convinced that at this very hour of history, the nations of the world are, at best, watching passively on the sidelines and, at worst, actively seeking the annihilation of the 6½ million Jews who now live in Israel. This is not hateful speech on my part, but absolute truth.

The greatest present danger lies with those Islamic nations who are geographically closest to Israel. I add to these nations ISIS, and other non-governmental Islamic terror groups throughout the Middle East. Whatever disagreements these nations and organizations have with each other, they have one area of common ground: they all want to destroy Israel.
And the world is silent.

At this moment, Iran is very close to acquiring nuclear bombs. There is no question about it. Iran has developed the missiles that can carry those bombs great distances with deadly accuracy. Tragically, America, which has the ability to influence other countries to pressure Iran to cease and desist, is doing very little in the face of this grave threat. A nuclear Iran is not only dangerous for Israel, but also for America. We are capitulating to the threats of a nation known to be the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world; a nation seeking our ultimate destruction.

While our administration is neglecting this serious threat to our security, at least some members of Congress understand the danger Iran poses to us and our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel. Therefore, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come to America and speak to Congress on March 3. There is no man in the world who knows more about what Iran is truly doing than Netanyahu. The Mossad, Israel’s intelligence organization – which is quite possibly the world’s finest – is on the ground in Iran and knows precisely to what level Iran’s nuclear program has ascended and the degree of danger it presents.

When Speaker Boehner invited Netanyahu, the request did not go through the White House because the Speaker knew the administration would not have looked favorably upon it. The Obama administration is actively seeking a nuclear deal with the Iranians, which sources say will only “delay” and not “prevent” Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb.

Clearly, the White House does not want Netanyahu to present facts which will sway Congress and the American public against a very bad deal about to be signed with our enemy in the Persian Gulf. Astoundingly, the administration has told the Democrats and liberal Republicans to boycott Netanyahu’s speech. Yet, Netanyahu is the only one who can inform our nation and media about what is truly going on in Iran. Despite this, many of our legislators from both the Congress and the Senate say they will boycott the speech because of pressure from the White House. The great tragedy is that Netanyahu’s speech will be about the security of the United States as well as Israel.

How opposed is our administration to Netanyahu? Reportedly, the White House has sent a team to Jerusalem. This is not just any team, but the very same strategy and public relations team that was responsible for getting President Obama elected. The goal of this group is to use all of its skill and cunning to see Benjamin Netanyahu defeated in Israel’s upcoming election.

I find it entirely unacceptable that the White House would stoop so low as to meddle in the affairs of, perhaps, our greatest ally.

While all of this develops, we are seeing evidence of anti-Semitism rising at alarming rates across Europe and South America. Almost on a daily basis the nations of the world are turning their backs on Israel.

What exactly did Israel do to deserve such treatment? Israel is one of the truest democracies in the world. It is involved in humanitarian work far beyond that of just about every other nation. In all of its talks with the Palestinians and efforts to bring peace, Israel has done nothing wrong. Israel has been the West’s one friend in the Middle East and among the biggest reasons why the Middle East has not exploded into absolute anarchy. Israel has been a force for good and a stabilizing influence in the Middle East – and the rest of the world has benefitted greatly because of it.

Yet, Israel is surrounded by nations seeking to destroy her, and the world does nothing, just as the people of Germany did nothing while Hitler was killing 6 million Jews. We are living in an hour when history is repeating itself – and it is worldwide in scope.

In His Word, God says, “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle” (Zechariah 14:2). The purpose of this is not so much to punish Jerusalem for her unbelief, but to bring the nations and armies of the world together so the Lord may devastate them. Tragically, we have preachers in the pulpit here in America who have no idea what is truly happening in Israel. Even worse, many of these preachers are speaking out against Israel from the pulpit.

Why is America – and other nations of the world – turning against Israel? Why did the Spanish Inquisition persecute the Jewish people? Why did Hitler seek to annihilate the Jewish people? Why has there been Jewish persecution throughout history? It is not because the Jews are wealthy or corrupt. Some of the greatest advancements in human history have come through the Jewish people. So many of the things in life we enjoy have come through the Jewish people.

So, what have the Jewish people done to deserve such hostility? I’ll tell you what they have done. They have angered Satan because God, in His sovereignty, chose the Jewish people to be the instrument through which the Redeemer would come to earth to die for the sins of the world.  When Jesus came, He came to Israel and Jerusalem. And He is coming again, to Jerusalem. And when He comes, he will do so as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He will come as the legitimate King of Israel. Satan wants to stop it. Everything going on today regarding the betrayal of Israel is being driven by Satan.

We are living in one of the most crucial times in all of human history, and the vast majority of the world is blinded to it. Tragically, billions of people across the globe have no idea what is really going on. You won’t read any of this in the mainstream media. Unfortunately, those in positions of power who do have an idea are remaining silent.

In America, we are steadily going downhill morally, economically, and spiritually, and the main reason is that we have turned our backs to God and away from being a friend and supporter of Israel.

For those who love the Lord Jesus Christ, I want to alert you to be aware of all that is happening and encourage you to not be participants in the great injustice being done to Israel – both now and in the days to come. Little does the world know that it will not be too long until they find themselves “sinners in the hands of an angry God.”

May God bless you richly in the turbulent days ahead.

Marv Rosenthal