Hebrews, Jews, Israel – what difference?

Israel is the nation.  Before, people who lived in Israel called Israelites.  Now they are called Israelis.

Hebrew is blood line.   It is also language – Hebrew language. 

Jew is religion and culture.  Often when person says “I am a Jew” he also means blood line. 
Was Abraham Jew?  No, Abraham was ‘father’ Hebrew people.  Word Hebrew from Eber, Abraham’s great-great-great-great Grandfather.  But word “Hebrew” later only means people from Isaac’s son, Jacob.  Jacob became father 12 sons – they became 12 tribes Israel.   God Himself changed Jacob’s name to Israel.

ISRA, in Hebrew, means ‘prince’
EL, in Hebrew, means God
ISRAEL, means “God’s prince.”

Word “Jew” from tribe Judah.  After Solomon died, twelve tribes in Israel divide.  North – ten tribes.  South, two tribes:  Judah and Benjamin.  Two tribes in south – people called them Jews.  [“Jew” is first sound in word “Judah” – Jew = Ju].  Today whole religion and culture called Jew/Jewish.