Why Pain?

Why pain?  Why deaf?  Why blind?  Why crippled?  Why cancer?  Why God allow these things?  Here are some reasons:

1. Our problems give us tender hearts for other people.   When we have problems, we understand other people.  When we understand, we can help more.  We can encourage more.

2. Our problems challenge us, force us mature.  Some people use their problems negative way.  They excuse themselves because of their problems.  They not want help others.  They become selfish, bitter.  We have choice.  We can refuse bitter, refuse selfish.  We can allow God lead us, cause us mature spiritually.  Easy life never causes mature. 

3. Our problems teach us patience.

4. Our problems cause us focus on God, pay attention to God.

5. Our problems remind us earth life short; we must prepare for eternal life – we must pay attention to Christ.

6. Our problems touch other people’s hearts, help them have tender hearts.  Then they have choice:  help, not help, which?  Give, not give, which?  Encourage, not encourage, which? 

7. Our problems remind us sin causes all problems.  If no problems, how can we know God hates sin?  Our personal sins normally not cause our problems, but all men together – all sins – all rebellion – cause many problems.  Everyone has some problems.  Problems remind us God hates sin. 

8. When other people see our problems, what character do they see?  If we  born again Christian, then Holy Spirit in us and people see Christ’s character shine through problems.  Easy sweet, nice when everything fine.  Much more hard when problems appear.  If Holy Spirit inside person, then other people will see God’s grace in person who has problems.

9. When problems with pain, then we must rest more.  Then we have time to think more, pray more.  Prayer very important.  We can rest and pray for other people.

10. Problems cause you learn many things.  Example:  my youngest son, Chris, had encephalitis when he three years old.  His mind very, VERY retarded, but body healthy.  He cannot communicate.  I think maybe if I learn sign language I can help him communicate.  No.  But I found deaf friends.  My deaf friend, Heloise, helped me understand how communicate so deaf can sign what they read, understand more.  I can help deaf because my son became very sick.