Meaning:  “In Jesus’ Name”

Many people, hearing and deaf, misunderstand meaning “in Jesus’ name.”  Jesus promised if we pray in His name, God will answer ‘yes.’   So people often end prayers with words ‘in Jesus’ name.’   Wrong meaning.

Two important things:

1.  Names have meaning.  Today we choose names because we like them.  For hearing people, if names sound pretty, we like.  But, before, different.  Every name has meaning.  Sometimes, today, parents give their children names with meaning:  Hope, Faith, Joy.  Long ago, every name has meaning.

Here are some names from Bible:
Azarel – “God helps”
Cush – “black”
Dan – “judge”
Daniel – “God my Judge”
Eli – “my God”
Judah – “praise”
Helon – “strong”
Jabez – “sorrow”
Keturah – “incense”
Leah – “tired, weary”
Moses – “from water”
Naphtali – “wrestling”
Pashhur – “freedom”
Rachel – “lamb”
Saul – “ask”
Tobijah – “God’s goodness”

What about JESUS?  J- E- S- U- S is Greek word.  Original Hebrew name:  Y’shua.  Y’shua is short name (little same as nickname) for Jehovah shua.  Meaning?  God saves.  Jesus’ name means “God saves.” 
First – when we pray ‘in Jesus’ name,’ we pray because God saves.

2.  Name = character.   From hearing cultures.  If someone “has good name in town,” means people in town know man has good reputation, good character.  Remember Commandment “Honor your father and your mother.”?   NOT a commandment telling children obey their parents!  Meaning in Hebrew culture:  make sure your actions give your parents good reputation.   Proverbs 22:1 says “a good name is better than riches.”  Meaning:  you want your parents give you pretty name?  No!  Meaning – good reputation, good character, better than gold, silver. 

How can we pray ‘in Jesus’ character’?  If person born again, Holy Spirit lives in person.  Person is true Christian.  Christian has choice:  listen to Holy Spirit and obey, or refuse listen.  When we pray, if Holy Spirit direct our prayer, then we pray in Jesus’ character.  In Gethsemane, Jesus prayed, “My will, no; Your will, yes” when He pray to Father.  If we pray same, we pray in Jesus’ character.  When we pray in Jesus’ character, we pray God’s will.  When we pray God’s will, God always answers ‘yes.’