Is Global Warming Real?

(Change answer, 2012) Probably no. Before, we thought maybe yes, but new measurements from satellites say no. Weather changes, but man is not the cause.  For more than fifty years we have measured the sun’s heat and light and the sun is getting hotter and a little brighter.  Man cannot stop that!  The sun is also the reason for worse hurricanes and colder winters!  Why?  Because sun heats up water around equator more now.  Water heats air above it.  So air currents from equator hotter but air from north and south poles still very cold.  That means when they mix, bigger difference in temperature.  Bigger storms. But also colder winters! So whole earth getting hotter? No.

What about 'greenhouse' problem? Scientists say more carbon dioxide in air and this is dangerous. But when ocean water warms, carbon dioxide escapes. We cannot stop carbon dioxide increase in air! People not responsible. Interesting: plants use carbon dioxide so they can grow. Plants give back oxygen into air. So more carbon dioxide means more plants grow and give back more oxygen. Why worry about carbon dioxide? No worry.

Yes, we are responsible for pollution, but we are not responsible for earth weather.