from Israel My Glory, January/February, 2009

Used by Permission of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry Inc., Bellmawr, NJ

Editorial:  Who Holds the Future?

Several years ago, before Soviet Union collapse, two men had discussion.  One man strong Communist.  Second man old, quiet Christian.  The Communist man clever, argue strongly against God.  Say ‘God none.’  Communist man strong argue against Christians.  Communist man expert argue against Christian man.  Communist man angry, many points against God,  many points support Communism.  Finally, Communist man stop talk and ask old man, “What you say?  How you defend your belief?”

Old Christian man answer, “I clearly see you very smart, very skilled argue and talk.  I cannot compete.  I am not smart, not skill argue and talk about religion and politics.  But I have one important advantage in my life.  I know about my future.  You not know about your future.”

Old Christian man’s answer showed most important point.  Since many years, our culture really change.  Morals change.  Social ideas change.  

Recent American election mirrors changes.  What change?  Before American people believe God has full authority, believe His Word true.  Today American people reject both.  Many American people believe Bible is false stories.  Many people believe only weak people depend on God, depend on faith – picture cripple with crutch.  Cripple is weak person and crutch is faith in God.  In American, in Western cultures, new pagan beliefs quickly become strong.

Most people seem believe all religions good – except Jew and Christian.  They are ‘inclusive’ – meaning they include everyone.  But not Jew, not Christian.  Inclusive people believe Jew and Christian bad and other religions, other beliefs better.  New pagan beliefs same. 

What is truth?  Inclusive people/ new Pagans are radical, liberal religion people.  They bring back polytheism.  Our ancestors in America and in Europe rejected polytheism.  [poly = many; theos = god; so polytheism means ‘many gods’].   Also some evangelical Christian groups begin accept ideas from new pagan ideas.  Some Christians begin move away from “one God” idea, move away from idea Christian religion only truth.

How people accept new pagan beliefs?  People must learn to believe Bible not true, must learn to think Christians wrong.  People must learn reject Great Commission from Christ to go into world and preach gospel.   New pagan authorities must do two things:  1) force Christians become silent or 2) cause Christians accept new religious ideas.

Some political leaders begin try bring back “Fairness Doctrine.”  Fairness Doctrine has wrong name:  its purpose?  Suppress [push away, push down] free speech in newspapers, television, radio.  If writers and speakers not agree with leaders’ ideas, Fairness Doctrine can force writers and speakers change or force them lose jobs, cannot talk radio, television, cannot write in newspapers. 

Here is example.  Charles Colson (famous evangelical.  He begin Prison Fellowship Ministries).  Recently, Colson talk about Proposition 8 in California election.  California people vote yes on Proposition 8.  Proposition 8 refuse allow homosexual couples marry.  History interesting:  in 2000, California people voted yes for Proposition 22 – refuse allow homosexual couples marry.  But May 15, 2008, California Supreme Court decide yes, homosexual couples CAN marry.  So again people vote and refuse allow homosexual couples marry. 

On Election Day, voters had courage.  They vote against Supreme Court decision.  Finish?  No, not finish.  Court cases will happen again.  Courts again maybe decide people cannot make law.  Maybe again courts decide THEY will make law, no matter what people want.  They allow people who live wrong make laws!  Interesting:  California Council of Churches and 250 other organizations support homosexual marriage!

Before election, October 27, 2008, New York Times quote Colson.  Colson warn if lose California election on Proposition 8, then we will begin to lose many other things.  Maybe we lose religious freedom.

Maybe Colson same as prophet.  Very few leaders have courage speak and warn people about future.  We live in middle of political, social, cultural revolution (giant change).  Man evangelicals say “Cannot happen here [in America].”  They are wrong.  Yes, can happen.  Begin happen now.

Maybe soon you or your pastor will go jail.  Why?  Because you speak straight truth about Bible, speak straight truth about what Bible says.  If new pagan people and leaders not agree with you, maybe put you in jail.  Before happen.  Maybe happen again.

Our culture, our time, has special test:  you accept change, yes or no?  We not yet know what means ‘change.’  Our opinion?  Not look good! 
But we can be fully sure about one thing, same as old Christian man.  Christian believers understand about future.  Other people cannot understand same. 

Maybe we not understand everything in our lives, now.  But we know who controls our lives.  We can trust Him.