The Positive Side

It's common for anyone to get negative comments. But we have gotten enough encouragement via emails that we thought it was time to post some of those, too. These are just some.


I've now read a large number of the research papers on your site as well as many linked docs - very interesting concepts at play here.  You guys have done a great job of bringing together a good mix of material that allows a layperson to grasp the concepts, while still offering more depth for those who want it.

Thanks again to you...and all the others who are contributing to this work.


I always so enjoy reading your replies.  Thank you for always taking time out of your day to explain things to me whenever I ask something.  You're very kind, and I totally respect your knowledge and insights.  Thank you!


First of all I just want to say THANK YOU  for your research and the wonderful material, DVDs and Printed material, which you have offered on your site.  I have been very interested in your work on the speed of light from the beginning when you wrote in “Creation, TJ”.  I was greatly disappointed when your articles stopped and I didn’t see any more on the subject.  Then several months ago I saw an article in “Bible and Spade” entitled “Making Sense of the Days of Peleg” where Richard D. Lanser wrote about your work.  I was very interested in that article and I immediately went to your web site.

I have been overwhelmed after reading all your articles and viewing the DVDs offered on your site.   I just received your latest material “The Bible and Geology” and I am looking forward to reading it.  I showed the video on the star of Bethlehem in my home Bible Study which I conduct on Tues evenings and the response was great. 


Just thinking of you and appreciating the presentation series we did! It is still referenced often.
You are in our hearts and we are thankful for, and benefited by, your devotion to Christ.


I just enjoyed myself immensely at your website for a few minutes, and will definitely come back.

Thank you for so generously sharing the insights and results of all your hard study.    Obviously, I have a huge amount of reading and catch  up study to accomplish. 


This is just to say thanks for your inspiring outlook.
I read ICR, AiG most days but today I came across your website.
I think what impressed me most was the humility of your approach.
There is a predominance of intellectual hubris out there among the 'educated', both theists and atheists.
Secondly your persistence in the face of adversity.
(The conventional creationist view is to dismiss Setterfield as an embarrassment)
Thirdly your uncompromising faith in the Bible.
It reminds me of Maxwell Clerk.
I also loved your explanation about the speed of starlight to a child.
That reminded me of Feynman-although he was encumbered with lots of intellectual hubris too.
God blesses you obviously but this is just to offer encouragement which we all need as humans from our fellows.
Now I can put up Russell Humphreys book”Starlight and Time” – it was useful in that it showed that time is plastic in God’s hands. The ZPE theory looks to encompass so much more.
I also loved Helen’s Calvinism article. I once applied for a job at a Calvinist school where I needed to affirm selection and Calvinism has irritated me ever since. Its good to see a Scripture based rejection of Calvinism. My previous argument was based on’ Jesus knocks on every door, but we choose to let Him in. He does not knock on select doors.


I personally find the light speed decay theory as very satisfying intellectually. Also, the plasma cosmology is very compelling. I didn't really consider it as much until you spoke about it, and then I looked it up. It's almost a no brainer to me that plasma is the key to many features of the universe...and gravitational models are probably over-hyped.


I am amazed at both the breadth and depth of Barry's research, and would be interested in learning more and help with mathematical modeling and data analysis of some of these research areas. 


I have to thank God for Barry’s perseverance in the face of adversity.  His C decay ideas are the only thing that makes any sense to me as far as Biblical creation and the age of the universe/earth is concerned.  I remember getting a copy of his monograph from SRI back in 1987: it was like a breath of fresh air for me. 


I have just recently come across your work and feel like I have come home!  For years I have squared the accounts of the bible and science (being from a science backgound myself) by passing Genesis off (in particular) as 'allegorical' and always telling christian friends that we must not ignore the scientific evidence.  I was uncomfortable with all the scientific explanations, though, and suspected things were not quite right.  I was aware that data was data and that the scientific explanations throughout history had been modified (in some cases drastically) in the light of new evidence.  Hence, the Newtonian view becoming the Einsteinian view.  So I was left with..'well this is what I currently believe until such time as new evidence indicates otherwise'....So I started to trawl for any information and that is when (Praise the lord!) I came across your work.  I feel like I am the happiest man alive because this has been with me and troubled me for some time.  BLESS YOU!!!!...I have been on a high since discovering your work. 


I just wanted to let you know how much your site has meant to me. T.H Huxley said something to the effect that Darwin's Theory of Evolution made it possible to be a pilosophically fulfilled atheist. In that vein I would suggest your paradigm of cosmology (plasma model) and work with the variable speed of light and their consequences has made it possible for me to be a philosophically fulfilled young earth creationist! Best regards, thank you again, and (mostof all) keep up the good work.


I first learnt about your work on the decay of 'c' through Chuck Missler and Koinonia House in the early 2000's. I recently viewed a you tube video presentation you conducted for Answers in Genesis. I felt compelled to write you this e-mail thanking you for your faithfullness and courage. I am not a professional scientist, I in fact earn my living by caring for disabled people, but I am however a passionate Christian. I have found your work deeply encouraging.

I became a Christian in 2001 and my first experience of reading the Bible from Genesis caused me to reason that since no human being was present at the universe's conception, it is unlikely that anyone other than God Himself knew what occured. So taking it on faith, I braved an environment where it was fasionable to believe in theistic evolution and an old - earth, where I was ridiculed and scoffed at (even in my Bible college theology classes). I held onto the knowledge that
Romans 10:11
For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame.”

Psalm 119:31
I cling to Your testimonies; O LORD, do not put me to shame!

so with tears of gratitute towards God and much brotherly love towards you, I thank you for your faithfulness which He has used to encourage me.


Over the ensuing years, I've returned to your web site several times to refresh my memory on your writings. In December (after a few years' absence) I came back and noted a significant amount of new and revised material.

Since then, I've spent countless hours reading and re-reading the materials. Thoroughly impressed, I ordered two DVD sets (the 2-DVD set on ZPE and the plasma model, plus the Christmas Star) and the spiral-bound book on the geologic column and the biblical record of catastrophes.

This is OUTSTANDING work. Although my degree is in Economics, my first college major was Physics so the terminology and thought processes had a familiar ring. Best of all, the material is clearly presented (Good job, Helen!) and logically inescapable (Good job, Barry!). I will share these materials with my two PhD friends down the street who are biologists and believers, and will encourage them to buy their own copies.

But the story doesn't end there. Inspired to seek the truth behind your article on the LXX variants, I pulled out my own copy of the Septuagint (the 1851 Lancelot Brenton translation) and immediately (1) read the Introduction to see which version of the LXX he favored, and (2) turned to the genealogies in Genesis to see if his translation followed the Alexandrian or the Vatican tradition. Sure enough, he chose to say Seth was born when Adam was 230 years old. Ditto for the other patriarchs -- Brenton follows the Alexandrian ages. Thank you for giving me a fresh appreciation of this beloved reference book.


I am grateful for your work Barry and find it immensly inspiring and sensible.


For Christmas this year I received your The Bible and Geology book. I am thoroughly enjoying it! I now have everything the Setterfield website offers!! Keep up the good work; you guys are a blessing to my life. I help out as a volunteer for our college ministry at my Church here in Springfield, Missouri.  I have had several speaking opportunities and have used quite a bit of your research and evangelized your material.  I can’t tell you how intimidated my students are in their religion classes, history classes, biology classes and astronomy classes. Your work has really helped equip them for the secular world we live in. They have growing confidence in their faith and have answers for people when they are asked the tough questions about Christianity.


regarding the Bible study on Genesis 1-11:

WOW.  That's about the coolest, most detailed, well-thoughtout, well-written explanation of Genesis I have ever read.  Thank you so much.

I definitely feel like I grow closer to God and our Lord Jesus through reading your work.  In the past I delighted in going through every scrap of detail in your Christmas Star paper.  I am so glad someone of your education would spend the time and shed some real light and science into the stories and passages of Scripture the way you do.

From the bottom of my heart, you have my deepest thanks and appreciation.

May God deeply bless you both.


I am so excited about your work - science is not the enemy of Christianity and  the world needs the faith that results from your work.


I want to congratulate you for sharing on the web the results of your study under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For me it was great to see how you also have discovered within the Hebrew wording the puns and double entendre within it.


Your papers have been a feast.  I can remember, after taking physics courses in college and reading books like Feynman's QED, my dissatisfaction with the quantum mechanics explanations, not with the perplexity but with the attitude, it seemed, that the answers were essentially known.  Unlike the feeling then, your papers generate excitement.  They are a feast for one hungry to explore these fascinating subjects.


Your research is absolutely mind blowing and really humbles me to think that the Lord Almighty blessed you with such scientific wisdom.  To think that he allowed you to peek into his enormous and inexhaustible mind is truly incredible!

Words cannot express the incredible contribution that you have made to humanity.  May the Lord bless you and thank you personally when you meet Him face to face!


I think it is kind of interesting that all - and I do mean ALL - the current creation cosmologies contain faster-than-light-speed requirements. I know that fact has not escaped Barry's notice and yet he continues just to truck along humbly and confidently in his work. The reality is that what Barry saw in the 1980s was ahead of his time. He knew that light speed limit would have to somehow be broken in order to make sense of a vast, but young, universe. Fast forward to today, and guess what -- everybody has finally caught up to what Barry knew 30 years ago! Stay strong and true. God knows exactly what he is doing.


I greatly appreciate the information that is on your website. I also appreciate that you are open to information other than your own. I'm sure it has been a very hard job to stand up to the "standard model" scientific community for all of the years that you have been doing so. I will continue to pray for your efforts to bring truth to them and to learn more of it as you do.

I continue to pour over all of the fascinating scientific information and Scriptural insights on your website. What a great labor from and for God you have done over the years!  It informs us of so much of the science regarding Genesis 1:1 - 11 and other passages of Scripture.


Just skimming through "The Bible and Geology" it is truly mind blowing... You and your husband Barry are learned scholars who have impressed and helped me and other Christians and non-Christian people to understand God's workings and his timelines.


I wanted to tell you how glad I am to have it [Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy], and to thank you for the work you have done in bringing more of the beauty and order (and good sense!) of the universe further into the light, and more sharply into focus.  

Multiplying lines of evidence continually add to the crescendo of voices that God's inspired Word is trustworthy and true.  It goes on, standing up to any scrutiny, outliving it's critics and detractors.  And it seems to me that there is no one whose work in the physical sciences has been more important in this trend, at least in the last century, than yours.  I thank God for leading in your life and work, and I thank you for your willingness to be lead by him.


I have spent the entire weekend reading your book, “The Bible and Geology,” studying the 3 power point presentations and your website, and watching another one of your tube video’s teaching, this one on the decrease in the speed of light. Your theory is absolutely amazing and extremely convincing. I have been a follower of Answers of Genesis for 15 years and have had little nagging questions that now appear to be answered in Genesis as well. It is disturbing to me to hear Answers in Genesis will not “touch your work.” I only want to know the truth and I am encouraged with healthy and open debate and discussion, especially in areas like this when it’s not abundantly clear in Scripture, similar to end times truths.

I can’t stop thinking about your materials and the information you have brought forth, it’s truly absolutely fascinating. You have done great work and won over a fan! I will spread the word!!


Your writings 'ding the bell'; re your new 'signs of the times'. Nobody had so well explained prophecy in all my years of trying to get a grasp on what Daniel et al were saying beyond Alexander and his four generals.
Like all of the rest of your writings, QUITE shareable!!


I just received your book "Cosmology and the ZPE". I am digging into it with just about every moment I can spare.

I wanted to offer my thanks and appreciation for your work.

By education, I am an aeronautical engineer and computer scientist, so I am afraid much of what I am reading is beyond my current skillset ... nevertheless, I believe I know "good science" when I see it and I have thoroughly enjoyed practically consuming your website and your various lectures on YouTube. The book is just wonderful.

As a Christian, I came rather late to the realization that much of "popular science" dealing with origins and other topics was simply counter to my faith. The more I have read in your work as well as that of Walt Brown, I have gained a great encouragement and this work has reinforced in my mind that, as my parents and grandparents taught me, the "Bible can be trusted".

Perhaps my weakest technical area is in the area of electricity. Just how weak I am I am only beginning to learn. But, like a coach pushing me along, I appreciate your work and am trying to immerse myself in plasma physics.

Frankly, ZPE and "c" changes, to me, are two crucial keys to collaborating data with the Bible and that has been one of the most heartening aspects of my study of your work.


I received the DVD you mailed me. I've already watched all of it. I've studied end times prophesy interpretations a lot over the years, but it was always Euro-centric as far as the anti-Christ was concerned. Barry's teachings about middle east wars, Islam, and Turkey are much more up to date and compelling.
Thank you so much!


I found your website viewing the youtube video with Chuck Missler​ last night. I
​was watching one of his Q&A's and Chuck mentioned the interview he had with you, so I searched youtube and found it... all I can say is interesting and amazing this was !!! Then today I visited your website  ​and have so much enjoyed your research and studies... 


 Thank you very much for all your research on the speed of light, red shift, zero point energy, etc..

Your insights have helped me comprehend some mysteries of the universe and provided more evidence that yes the Bible is true and is His word.

Thank you very much for having all this information online!

I just want to thank you for all your work on the speed of light and ZPE... I admire your efforts helping people in Grants Pass, OR and your love of Yeshua.

You life and work is an inspiration to me in many ways.

May Yeshua bless you and your family so very much, while looking forward to meeting you soon around the throne of Christ at the judgement seat of Christ.

I've known since I was tiny (way before I met Jesus in 8th grade) that there was someone out there, bigger than anything I could imagine, holding it all together and pulling me towards Him.  His nature and creation has always sung out to me.  Your site has just tied the bow on it all and put in into words so many things I feel I have known in my soul for a long time.  You have helped my tiny brain understand even more just how wonderful and perfect our Father is!  Thank you for highlighting God with your work!!  Bless you again and thank you!!!

Thank you very much for all your research on the speed of light, red shift, zero point energy, etc..

Your insights have helped me comprehend some mysteries of the universe and provided more evidence that yes the Bible is true and is His word.

Thank you very much for having all this information online!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the work you do and your effort in progressing science!
In a way the work you are doing is a paradigm, and as with every paradigm shift it will be met with strong resistance until another generation of scientists comes up to accept its truths.
I wish you luck in continuing your trail-blazing research! Thanks again!


So far I have not found any site that has more convincing data and exposition thereof concerning the history of the universe and our planet's history in particular, that ties in so well with the Biblical accounts, which as a Christian I hold to be true. Thank you so much for making all this available...Thanks again for your site, it is so encouraging in these days when "professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" seems ever more relevant.


Currently I came in contact with a teacher on a high school in the Netherlands. He has a Christian background and is member of an evangelical church. He says that the overwhelming ‘proofs’ from secular science caused him to doubt the Biblical view.

This brought him to loosen his ties with the church and eventually with faith. But, being unsatisfied, he started to read Hugh Ross, William Lane Craig and other compromising writers. They also brought no solutions. Then his search led him to read much from CMI, ICR and the like. With ICR he has had several heavy discussions even to the point that they would end communications. He thought that these organizations too easily skip over real problems like the ‘distant star light’ problem and the heat problem with the RATE research plus many contradictions and illogical ideas about the geological history of the earth. Many things are being compressed within a preconceived framework with ‘answers’ that get around the real problems.

Evolutionists are not very impressed with the given stereotypical answers. He started reading much good creational literature, but he missed certain important things. Then he encountered your work and bought the dvd Anomalies. And here is what he found:

“Setterfield seems to have a model – or just delivers the data – that I can understand logically (although I was never very good at mathematics). It is a logical concept and agrees with all the data. I leave it alone for a while now. It has to sink into my mind.
In fact I get this thought: if you leave Genesis aside for a while as a mental framework and look at the data pure, it has to conform to Genesis if the Bible is true. So you have to look freely and fearless at all the available data without being afraid that they would contradict the Bible. Maybe I have been afraid too much to openly look at science, because. . . if the Bible would turn out NOT to be the truth after all. . .”
After looking at “Anomalies” he concluded:
·        Very enlightening is Setterfield’s habit to look at the hard data, to see if they really are real (and let others also check this), and subsequently draw his conclusions
·        This is contrary to what I saw so far, namely: start with Genesis 1 and try to fit in the data within that framework.
·        Setterfield does not mention Genesis but looks at the data without preconceptions.
·        I could not discover ‘special pleading’.
·        Setterfield does not invent data but uses and combines data already gathered by other scientists.
·        What he states about plasma in space and the formation of galaxies is checked in the laboratory and the test results agree with what we see in space. Hard evidence.
·        He clearly explains the relations between all phenomena which in my ears sounds like logical.
·        I must still find out how all this relates to the creation and the age of earth and cosmos but I think Setterfield’s website will reveal more secrets to me.
·        To conclude: Setterfield appears to me as a man of integrity.

Recently I ordered your book "Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy". I would like to thank you immensely for such prompt shipping. I am so looking forward to studying all of this research! I feel like a student going to Cosmology school!...haha. I am truly so grateful! Also Im so glad to hear that Barry is still active in his research! My prayers have been fervent for you, Barry, that your health may hold up for as long as the Lord is willing to let us keep you here!! I hope you both are enjoying each day you have together as these days are so precious! Oh that you would be fulfilled to the fullest possible measure in each other!! Thank you for providing a way for people like me to understand deep and complex things about our universe and is ultimately for the glory of our God and Savior, as it reveals His infinite wisdom and power and sovereignty in all things! My prayers are continually with you as often as my heart senses the need! Thank you again for ALL of the years of your labors!
May the Lord bless you and keep you both in the fullness of His joy!



You have tremendously impacted my life with your astounding research and work. I can think of few (if any) who have had such a level of influence on my thinking and world view. For decades I walked in darkness concerning the scriptures and science. So much makes sense to me now.


Just a note to thank you, again, for all your efforts toward creating a “telescope” that provides those of us who would not otherwise get to “see” the things Barry does, with mind-altering views of the cosmos.

As a child, my spirit yearned to comprehend the vast differences between the truths I was taught in Sunday School and the “truths” that were being promulgated in the public school system. Even at an early age, I knew that what Barry calls “the data” would indeed line up with the Truth declared in the scriptures – if, the Bible was indeed the Word of the Creator (which my spirit assured me it was). I eventually committed myself to a layman’s regimen of critically reviewing everything I was taught and would eventually read. You can imagine what I felt when I first read Barry’s admonition to “follow the data”.

...It is difficult for me to express what your efforts have meant, and continue to mean, to me. There are two events I can compare my initial reading of your work to: 1) Helen Keller’s discovery of language (which has been sufficiently described by others); and 2) the first time I experienced (as a soldier) God making bullets (and I mean thousands of them) targeting me disappear. Before that moment, my spirit believed in the stories of God protecting soldiers in the Old Testament, and in the power of the Psalm 91 prayer for protection. But when I experienced it first hand, in the flesh, I finally “knew” that I knew that I knew. Peering through the telescopic lenses you have created to help laymen (such as me) comprehend the wonders of your discoveries, and finally provide means for my mind to catch up with my spirit regarding an understanding of the origins, is every bit as monumental to me.


I am so very grateful for your work and your candid attitude about how you present the data you have found. As a student of astrophysics and as a student of the Bible, I have always believed that when our theory and/or "science" doesn't match our observation OR what we are told in God's Word about creation, it means we have an error in our understanding of what we call science. This misunderstanding then warrants a change in our theories or our scientific research, NOT a change in God's Word. Discrepancies between our science and our observation are the result of an incorrect or incomplete understanding of physics and not a lack of specificity in the Bible.

I would also like to commend you on the attitude and demeanor with which you respond to critics and questions about your research. Too often I feel we the body of believers do ourselves a disservice and ultimately hurt our ability to be true witnesses for Christ by responding to those who criticize us or our beliefs irrationally or emotionally. This is especially true in matters concerning science or physics of some kind. When we resort to belittling or name calling those who do not share our beliefs, we critically injure the chances of our beliefs being taken seriously and mortally wound any opportunity of sharing the love of Christ with an unbelieving world.


I am making my way through your website, slowly but surely.The Lord has met me on every page. I have no background in science, but I've wanted to understand how the Lord is revealing Himself through science,now that some of us are really learning how to speak God's language of creation and life(as it were). So thank you for that work, I am so grateful, but let me tell you where Jesus blessed me with a thousand blessings- on your "for our deaf friends" page!!! I am not deaf, the beauty and grace of this page is that it is LESS words. For some of my questions I needed less words, but they were the basic words of TRUTH that were needed and given. So THANK YOU AGAIN and to paraphrase the Apostle Paul : I thank the Lord for you and ask Him to bless you every time I think of you. P.S. I truly do, I read at least one of your articles every day and so pray that for you both and all your family.