Who Nicolaitians?


In Revelation we read Christ hates what Nicolaitians do. Who were Nicolaitians and what they do?

Two possible answers.

1. If you separate word "nicolaitian," two words combined: nicos and laity. "Nicos" means, in Greek, 'ruler.' "Laity" means normal people in church. Not leaders. In Matthew 20:25-28, Jesus tells His disciples [simple English]: "You know Gentile rulers boss them. And Gentile rulers have authority over rulers themselves. Other high authorities boss rulers. You must be different. If you want become great, first you must become servant. If you want to be first, you must become slave. Son of Man same. He did not come so people serve Him. No. He came so He can serve. He gives His life to rescue many people."

But look at most church leaders! They are bossy. They like to make rules and tell others -- laity -- "you must obey."

When I first learned sign language, Heloise, my teacher, informed me how much deaf hate, hate if hearing people try boss them. Jesus hates, same way, when church leaders try boss people in church. Why? Because if people follow church leaders then people never learn to pay attention to Holy Spirit.

In Matthew 23, Jesus very, very angry with Pharisees and men who teach law to Jews. Why? Two reasons: 1) they make up more and more rules and tell people they must obey. 2) they do not follow God's rules and not follow their own rules. They are hypocrites.

Many church leaders today same. They maybe 'nicolaitians.' Maybe this is meaning. Interesting -- end every letter to churches in Revelation, Jesus says, "He who has ear, let him hear what Spirit says to churches." This does not mean only hearing people. Meaning: pay attention to Holy Spirit. When men make rules for other men, happen, no one pays attention to Holy Spirit.


2. Other meaning for 'Nicolaitians' -- they maybe group in church who try to combine pagan beliefs and Christian beliefs. They hear they are 'free in Christ,' so they think meaning they can sin. This is traditional belief about "Nicolaitians."

Maybe both meanings true? When some leaders boss other people, make more rules, then leaders begin to have group follow them, not follow Holy Spirit. If leaders tell followers they are free to sin because Christ makes them free, then leaders are leading to sin, not leading to God. Easy to understand Christ very angry with them.