North Korea and the Middle East

March 14, 2016 -- An article in the Jerusalem Post for 11th March, 2016, deals with an interview with a US Intelligence officer. In brief, it states that North Korea has supplied most of the material to Iran that has been used for missiles, nuclear development and bombs etc. They have also supplied Hezbollah and Hamas similarly and the tunnel technology used by the Palestinians and for the mountain fortress of the Fordo facility in Iran also came from North Korea. North Korea had the missile and nuclear parts and weaponry broken down, shipped in boats that changed their flag up to 14 times in transit, and then reassembled under the direction of North Korean experts in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza. In other words, North Korea is heavily involved.

The implication is that if Iran is threatened by, or goes to war against any perceived enemy, like Turkey, or the US or Israel, then North Korea will back them up with missiles fired across the Pacific at the US West Coast. This also indicates that the nuclear "deal" with Iran was basically a waste of time. The USA government knew about the North Korean connection and, in formulating the deal with Iran, essentially gave Iran the time it needed to build up its nuclear stockpile. Why hasn't this been called treason? One of their goals is to eliminate us -- that does not exactly make them a friend.