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an ongoing series of articles explaining some of Barry's research in lay-friendly terms.


Basic Summary

the Big Bang, a static universe, speed of light measurements, atomic dating, the Zero Point energy, and more

NEW: About the Speed of Light -- May, 2017

NEW: Creation and Plasma Physics -- February, 2017

Mass and Gravity -- March, 2016

A Geological Model in Brief

Time, Life, and Man

the results of correcting atomic dating mathematically to correlate with orbital dates

Introduction to the Plasma Model

Was this how God did it? Gravity-based models of the cosmos pose serious problems requiring the invention of dark matter, dark energy, dark forces. But if we take what we are seeing in space seriously, and simply examine the data, gravity is not the controlling force.

What is the Zero Point Energy?

This term can be quite confusing. Let's try to clear it up a bit.

The Bible and Geology

Standard geology tells us the rock strata in the geologic column built up over billions of years. Standard creation science says the vast majority of the geologic column is the result of Noah's Flood. The evidence indicates both these 'standard' models may be wrong.


This is a major work tying together a lot of the research and what it means. Skip the math equations Barry put in for the more technically oriented -- Helen wrote the text. Besides, it has a lot of pictures!

In a picture:



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