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This page contains both published and unpublished material. The titles of the published papers are in italics. Some of the upublished material gets updated as research continues. If you are going to quote something from one of the unpublished papers, you might want to check back to make sure the quote you want is still in the paper. Please feel free to email us with any questions.

from Helen: Why it is Hard to Accept New Ideas in Science -- written before marriage to Barry and updated since then.

The Setterfield papers: General, Astronomy and Cosmology, and Geology


The Atomic Constants, Light and Time  1987, the paper which presented the initial data and conclusions regarding a changing speed of light, published by Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia.

    Critique and response

the speed of light curve

Data and Creation: The ZPE-Plasma model -- March, 2009 -- a layman-oriented paper for the web explaining how the research and data come together to present their own answers astronomically and geologically.

History of the Speed of Light Experiments -- (a four part article tracing several hundred years of speed of light experiments and the analyses of them by the scientists then and later)

Modifications to the Light Speed Model, -- updated August, 2007

Two Scientific Developments and Creation -- causes for a paradigm shift

Radioactive Decay Rates and the Sun-- a short article discussing the link between the sun's activity and radio decay rates on earth.

Reviewing a Possible World-wide Event c. 2400 BC (February, 2015) -- a short article reviewing links between the change in the earth's axis tilt and the destruction of multiple cultures.

Astronomy and Cosmology

NEW: The Early Cosmos and the Speed of Light -- 12/16

Supernovas and the Behavior of the Universe -- 10/15 -- a short article regarding problems concerning supernova brightness being connected with universal expansion.

Dust Rich Early Galaxy Poses Problems -- a response to several emails regarding the linked articles.

Quantum Effects and the Zero Point Energy -- (April, 2015) -- a short article in response to a number of questions in this field.

The Expansion of the Universe and the CMBR -- (February, 2015) -- a short article discussing the problems being found with using the CMBR as evidence for an initial expansion of the universe.

Comet 67P -- (January, 2015) -- what they found was not what was expected

Quasar axes aligned along filaments

A Plasma Universe with Changing Zero Point Energy -- from the Proceedings of the NPA Conference, College Park, Maryland, 2011. Research indicates that a weaker ZPE in earlier times had the ability to account for some otherwise inexplicable astronomical phenomena.

Zero Point Energy, Light and Time -- from proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Allliance, vol 9, 2012

Zero Point Energy and Relativity -- from proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, vol 9, 2012

Zero Point Energy and the Red Shift --as presented at the Natural Philosophy Alliance seventeenth annual conference in Long Beach, California, June, 2010

A New Look at Relativity and the Zero Point Energy -- January, 2010

NOTE: the following three articles, "Quantized Redshifts and the Zero Point Energy," "Reviewing a Plasma Universe with Zero Point Energy," and "Reviewing the Zero Point Energy" were all published in the Journal of Vectorial Relativity. This journal no longer maintains a webpage, so we have eliminated the links, but the original articles can be read in the "our copy" of each underneath.

Quantized Redshifts and the Zero Point Energy -- (JVR, December, 2008) [there is a problem with some of the mathematical equations in this paper which are corrected in the technical appendix to Data and Creation: The ZPE-Plasma model]

our copy

Reviewing a Plasma Universe with Zero Point Energy -- (JVR, September, 2008)

our copy

Reviewing the Zero Point Energy -- (JVR, September 2007)

our copy

a brief layman's explanation of the ZPE

Behavior of the Zero Point Energy and Atomic Constants -- February 2007 (This paper summarizes the Setterfield research of the last ten years)

note: section 6 of the above paper has been completely redone due to the information made available in Hal Puthoff's recently published paper, "Casimir vacuum energy and the semiclassical electron."

Is the Universe Static or Expanding?

questions and answers

Exploring the Vacuum -- (Journal of Theoretics), by Barry Setterfield (Dec. 26, 2002)

                    Our copy -- (if the link above is not working)

General Relativity and the Zero Point Energy -- (Journal of Theoretics), Barry Setterfield (Dec. 2, 2003)

                    Our copy -- (if the link above is not working)

The Redshift and the Zero Point Energy -- (Journal of Theoretics),  Barry Setterfield and Daniel Dzimano (Dec. 29, 2003)

                    Our copy -- (if the link above is not working)

feedback and responses -- February 21, 2004

A Brief Stellar History

Pioneer 10 and 11 Acceleration Anomaly

Supernovas in the Milky Way Galaxy

Crater Orgins -- some observations and conclusions from some original research


A Brief Earth History -- (a survey of earth's geology through time and its possible causes)

Interesting Geology at Second Valley --   (evidence that many layers of rock were malleable at the same time and intrically folded.)

Snowball Earth? (deep layers of cobbled stone under even deeper carbon-rich sediments. Mainstream science answers do not fit the evidence.)

Light Speed and Catastrophe 1 -- an introduction to Snowball Earth

Time, Life, and Man -- (a chronological summary)

Comments on Windbown Sand Deposits

Zero Point Energy and Gigantism in Fossils -- from the Proceedings of the NPA Conference, College Park, Maryland, 2011. The paper presents evidence which at least partially explains gigantism in the fossil record.

Our copy


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