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...and some not so recommended. There's a lot of stuff out there. Here are some sites, books and such we have run across which we have opinions about.

Misc. Websites:

New, 5/17 -- Dr. Chris Chen's Biology Term Dictionary. A very comprehensive list of biological terms and their definition. However, due to evolutionary bias in some areas, we have to give this a highly recommended with discretion.

Marcia Montenegro's website CANA (Christian Answers for the New Age) -- an outstanding analysis and warning about New Age doctrines being incorporated into Western culture. Well-written from someone who has 'been there' and then come to a faith in Christ. Very highly recommended.


A very good one on plasma physics: Electric Plasma Universe Arrives



Darwin's God -- the blog site of Cornelius Hunter. Very highly recommended.

Creation Safaris -- comments on the news and comparisons with facts and other research. Tremendous webpage. Very highly recommended.

Creationism and the Early Church -- Robert Bradshaw's book. He is an incredible researcher. . Very highly recommended.

The Discovery Institute -- presenting excellent articles and analyses of the current situation in public science and supporting intelligent design. Very highly recommended

True Origin -- a tremendous amount of material by various authors in the creation camp. It presents several different creation viewpoints. Highly recommended

A Creation Perspective -- Dave Plaisted's webpage. Again, tremendous research and excellent referencing. Highly recommended

Early History Research Center -- excellent research and articles. Highly recommended

The Geoscience Research Institute -- out of Loma Linda University, some excellent studies. Highly Recommended.

Center for Scientific Creation -- Walt Brown's website. We don't agree with everything but Walt Brown is a good scientist and a faithful brother in Christ. Recommended [note: we were asked what we disagreed with. For our Flood model, please see The Bible and Geology. The fit with the Bible can be found in the Genesis Study.]

Lambert Dolphin's Library -- a rather vast collection of all kinds of materials. Suggest using his search engine. Recommended.

Inherently Wind -- a very good exposé of the truth about the Scopes trial vs. the movie, "Inherit the Wind." Recommended

Revolution Against Evolution -- a good site for a multitude of materials. We disagree with some of the conclusions reached and the use of some of the data. Nevertheless, Recommended.

Institute for Creation Research -- some useful material but they often ignore data which does not fit their model. Useful with discernment

critique of their RATE book and claims regarding sudden, temporary accelerated decay rates.

Mt. Blanco Museum -- accurate and misleading materials mixed together. Not recommended  

Non-creation Science

Thunderbolts -- research on plasma physics and its implications. Not a creationist site but some good research and examples of plasma physics. Recently, however, they seem to have gone off on some very questionable limbs. So we can no longer highly recommend it but simply, recommended with discernment.

The Plasma Universe -- research papers and data on plasma physics and how this relates to the cosmos. Highly recommended



a short ebook on Calvinism, by Dr. Johnson Philip of India. He discusses the origins of Calvinism and its effect upon the people who learn it. Highly recommended

Redshift, William G. Tifft, 2014 -- good and accurate observations and data. It's a collection of 8 seminars, updated. We disagree with the model that emerges, but it is a consistent thesis. In some places it is technical, but usually it is understandable. See our expanded comments. Recommended.

Dismantling the Big Bang; God's Universe Rediscovered by Alex Williams and John Hartnett, published by Master Books, July 2005, 2nd edition June, 2006 -- not recommended. See Expanded Comments

Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome, by John C. Sanford, Ivan Press, 2005. Outstanding analysis of the genetic problems with evolutionary ideas. Very highly recommended.

from Phillip Johnson -- we probably don't have all his books, but we have Darwin on Trial; Objections Sustained; Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds; The Wedge of Truth; and The Right Questions. His mind is sharp, his knowledge extensive, his logic straight ahead. Most of his material is available here. Each book is Very highly recommended.

Ultimate Things, by Dennis E. Engleman, Conciliar Press, Ben Lomond, California, 1995; see review by clicking title. Not recommended. See our expanded comments.



Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed -- Ben Stein. This film is outstanding in its step by step exposé of the scientific establishment regarding any ideas which it does not officially approve of. Highly recommended

Fireproof; Never Leave Your Partner Behind -- Perhaps the first thing to say is that when we watched this wildly popular film with our Bible study group, we enjoyed it. It is well-done, dramatic, and has a strong purpose in terms of saving marriages. Much of the advice the father has given his son is sound in terms of good relationships. But in the wife's initial rejections and the husband's building frustration, the film had a chance to make a much stronger point than it did regarding the attitude so many of us take toward God.

This is being marketed as a Christian film, so there was every expectation that there would be stronger references to the saving grace of Christ and our dependance upon Him, as well as the importance of prayer. These things were glossed over after one promising scene and almost dropped. It was disappointing, too, to note that in the one scene where the father did talk to the son about Christ, the emphasis was on the law, not on Christ's grace. We understand the reason it was brought up, but it would have been much more complete as a Christian film had there been an emphasis on grace after the discussion about the law.

When the husband becomes Christian, all he tells his friend is "I'm in!" Yes, the movie shows a changed character, a changed heart, but the message about why that happened is weak. The film tends to emphasize what the people themselves can do rather than what Christ can do through them. So, for this reason, we give it a conditional recommendation.

UTUBE -- Where Darwin Went Wrong, by Steve Austin. An excellent ten minute video shot on location in Argentina showing where Darwin was obviously wrong about the formation of a river valley. Highly recommended.

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