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We are happy to put Barry's research on the net for the free use of anyone who would like it (we do ask it stay in context and be credited to him), but because the DVDs of his work are very expensive to make, we do have to charge for them. We have now also printed a small book, The Bible and Geology, which, because of printing costs, we also have to charge for it. Added, summer of 2013, "Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy," covering over 35 years of research.



NOTE: Today, August 11, 2016, a single DVD shipped to Australia was almost $20 in shipping. We refuse to raise our rates, simply because who can afford that? When you order, the old shipping rates will be charged, and no more. For those of you who can afford more, please consider a small donation off the home page. It will be deeply appreciated. For those who cannot afford that, we completely understand and God bless you all.

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The Christmas Star


Signs of our Times

The Bible and Geology

Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy

Astronomy, Geology and the Bible

star cover

The Christmas Star; do astronomy and history support the Bible?

The traditions around the birth of Jesus often obscure the actual facts. What happened historically and astronomically was much more impressive than our traditions indicate. It was not three old men on camels who struck fear into the heart of Herod and all Jerusalem. It was something much more. What happened in the heavens was so remarkable the Roman world thought the heavens themselves were applauding Caesar. And the date of Jesus' birth? Between the Bible and historical events it can be determined to within a few days.

Produced by Freedom Film & Video
for Genesis Science Research

some reviews
technical notes on "The Christmas Star"
discussion about "The Christmas Star"

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Anomalies was awarded the 2015 Best Pioneering Lecture Series Award by the SciFlix Film Festival.

anomaly cover

Anomalies is a two DVD set, presenting four parts of Barry Setterfield's research from the last thirty years: the speed of light, the zero point energy, red shifted light from distant galaxies, and plasma physics. It is presented so that a lay person can understand it and incorporates multiple diagrams and illustrations.

There is a distinct problem in the scientific world when data and current theories are at odds with each other. Looking at the divergent data and allowing the data to speak for itself and lead where it will is what this research is all about

This DVD set does not have religion in it, but is simply a series of explanations regarding some of what has been happening in science.

some reviews, including the Judges' Review in awarding the 2015 Best Pioneering Lecture Series Award

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Signs of Our Times

signs cover

Signs of Our Times is a DVD made of Barry's presentation on May 2, 2015, regarding biblical prophecy and the times we live in now.

It is very important to make sure we are reading the Bible correctly regarding prophecy so that no more people start believing the multitude of false prophecies which have abounded for the last 150 years regarding the end times. The DVD is in two parts: the first dealing with various prophecies from different parts of the Bible and the second part dealing just with the book of Daniel.

A web version, which does not have some of Barry's explanations but does have some additional history and expanded Bible quotes is also available.


Signs of the Times -- $10.00 plus shipping and handling

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The Bible and Geology



Barry and Helen Setterfield



letting data lead to theory


The Bible and Geology is a spiral bound book with a simple stock cover and back.

Starting out as a set of notes, it grew to 90 pages. It reviews the geologic column, the fossil evidence, and both the standard geologic explanation and the standard Flood model. Both disagree with the data in nature as well as the Bible itself.

As do other fields of science, geology indicates this is a very young creation, exactly in line with what is recorded in Genesis.

There are two corrections which have been made in the first two printings, linked here.

Some reviews


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Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy

cosmology cover

Published by NPA as a Monograph separately bound from the Proceedings of their 2013 Conference, Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy summarizes over 35 years of Barry Setterfield's research in fields of astronomy, physics, geology, and some biology (clues regarding gigantism in the fossil record). Lay-friendly. 465 pages long. Soft bound. Basic cost is $35. $10 is added for shipping in the United States and $20 for international shipping.


Table of Contents, with link to Abstract

"I am amazed and deeply impressed by your book. You show great skill in taking the reader right on beyond today's best secular physics... You speak like a very polite scholar as you stand on the shoulders of giants and move their work forward by light years ... you have filled in many gaps in recent research work making your work more convincing and fitting in many answers. The overall quality is excellent and easy to follow." physicist Lambert Dolphin

"I am overwhelmed by its huge scope and the immense care you have given to it.  I also am impressed by the quality of its production. It is a hefty book with lots of content and plenty of references...There is so much there, penetrating into many separate disciplines." Dr. Bernard Brandstater 

Your monograph arrived very promptly. It was wonderful to see it and actually hold it - all so beatifully presented and bound. I began to read it at once and was impressed by the introductory section where you both worked so assiduously to introduce and illustrate the necessary concepts for the uninitiate. Thought the title was just right -far better than " Cosmology and Z P E for Dummies "
On reading the introduction , I began to realise just how difficult it must have been for you to have determined  what would be the most  appropriate and succinct way to illustrate each concept.
And having done all that, I can only begin to imagine how hard it must have been to edit that introduction - not only what to retain, but what to leave out. But you did it so well -and all within just 17 pages ! Congratulations to you both. I'm really looking forward to reading the entire work.
Allen Roberts

August, 2016 -- Barry has twice been offered honorary Ph.D.'s on the basis of this book and refused both times. He feels if the work is good, it should be able to stand on its own.

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Astronomy, Geology and the Bible

Presenting the conclusions, and some of the evidence that led to them, of Barry Setterfield's years of research. This DVD presentation is in two parts:

Part 1: the recently acquired astronomical and physics data are examined and give a new outlook on creation and the age of the cosmos.

Part 2: The new data also encourages a re-think of the evidence in the geologic column. This leads to conclusions different from those usually presented by many creationists as well as evolutionists.

There is no need to pick out or ignore any data. The data of all creation points to the fact that the Bible knows exactly what it is talking about.

This DVD was filmed in the summer of 2015 in the Setterfield home.

early reviews

Note: the person who did the final edit on this DVD was recovering from a serious illness. Barry spent several hours with him correcting misspellings and other editorial problems on the film. The fellow forgot to push 'save,' and the problems remain, with our apologies. However the material is good, and we are still happy to offer this.

"Astronomy, Geology and the Bible" has a base price of $18.00. When you choose the USA destination below, $4.00 is automatically added for shipping and handling. When you choose the international destination, $15.00 is automatically added for shipping and handling.


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