It's a Filamentary Universe

I was asked if the mysterious cosmic web that holds the universe together supports the plasma physics theory. The answer is yes. However, this discovery is not as unexpected as it might appear from the publicity. Some 15 years ago, a plot of the positions of galaxies in our near vicinity resulted in this diagram:

plasma filaments 1

The web-like structure of the filaments on which galaxies are located is apparent. The structure is repeated at a larger scale when the survey was done by Tartu Observatory in Estonia. In this plot our position is in the bottom left corner.

plasma filaments 2

More recently, a survey of quasars, the hyperactive centers of galaxies, found billions of light-years away also showed they were lined up along filaments.

plasma filaments 3

The lead scientist in the research on this diagram had this to say:

'The first odd thing we noticed was that these quasars' rotation axes & jets were aligned with each other — despite the fact that they are separated by billions of light-years,' said  Hutsemékers.

It had earlier been found in 2010 that the spin axes of galaxies near us were aligned along the filaments. These things cannot happen by gravitational physics, only from plasma physics and astronomy. So these results all support the plasma model.