Equations and the Time Question

Question: "the question still remains that if your answer of 7,800 years since creation is correct, when this is plugged unto the scientific formulas for the speed of light and Planck's constant h, etc. do these equations resolve themselves, do we find a state of harmony between them?"

Setterfield: Quantities like the speed of light and Planck's constant are considered by many scientists to be absolutely fixed quantities. In other words, they do not consider that their value has changed over the history of the universe, no matter how short or long that period might be. As a result, they see no need to have an  "equation" to describe their behavior; it is fixed. The necessity for an equation to describe their behavior developed in the following way.

The shock came for me in 1979 and 1980 when I saw that the measured values of these constants was changing in a systematic way with time. Further research up until 1987 collected data and other information that confirmed these trends in these two constants as well as a number of other associated constants. It was then that we published our data paper, the 1987 Report. (My research on the History of the Speed of Light Experiments may interest you.)

The problem was, at that point, that we had no specific reason why these atomic constants should vary, and so many dismissed the Report on those grounds. It took until about 1998 before the reason emerged why these quantities were changing. It took further research to show exactly how and why these changes were occurring backed by solid scientific arguments. That is why I had a series of papers published in secular journals to make sure I had it right.

We had by then been established that these physical quantities were changing due to the Zero Point Energy (ZPE), which affects the properties of the vacuum. In so doing, it had been shown by secular physicists that the ZPE supported all atomic structures throughout the cosmos. So that light emitted from atoms gave us information about ZPE behavior. It was then realized that the precise formula for the behavior of the ZPE was given by the astronomical observations of the redshift of light emitted from atoms in distant galaxies. This gave us data right back to the origin of the cosmos. The curve for the redshift is a standard curve in astronomical use and can be adapted to describe the behavior of the ZPE and the other atomic quantities, including atomic clock rates.

When this equation is used to describe the behavior of these quantities, the ages given in astronomy and geology on the atomic clock have to be corrected to read actual orbital time (which is unchanged by ZPE effects). When that is done, the events in astronomy and geology coincide with Biblical events in Genesis 1-11 if a creation date around 7,800 years ago on the orbital clock is used.

So I guess that our research can be summarized in the following fashion (1) It has established from the data that there are a number of associated physical constants that have not had their value fixed throughout time. Many physicists including Jason Lisle, have probably not gone past that point. (2). From current secular physics we have established the reason why these associated quantities are changing, and that is because of the behavior of the Zero Point Energy affecting the properties of the vacuum. These relationships with the ZPE can be deduced from standard physics without too much dispute. (3) The reason for the change in the ZPE strength can be deduced as being due to the initial expansion of the universe. As the expansion went on, the ZPE strength built up and the properties of the vacuum changed. That, too is reasonably well accepted without too much dispute. (4) The behavior of the ZPE with time is related to the redshift curve of light from distant astronomical objects. This is something of a surprise to some scientists but can be proven scientifically. (5) The redshift equation provides the way to correct atomic time to orbital time, and when it does so, everything fits into a Biblical framework. This is what some physicists find unpalatable.

So, as you can see, many scientists do not see the necessity for an equation to describe the behavior of the speed of light or Planck's constant or other quantities in the first place. To them the whole idea of varying constants seems counter-intuitive. However, once that change in behavior is accepted, the following points will follow and the key role played by the expansion of the universe becomes apparent. This expansion ultimately leads to the equation that provides the answer that accords with the Bible when a creation date about 7800 years ago is used in accord with the ancient LXX text.

I hope that give you a better understanding of what our research has done and how and why the equations used fit into the Biblical scheme of things.