Dodwell Manuscript: Questions and Comments


I am grateful to you for making available the George Dodwell paper on The Obliquity of the Ecliptic .
Now that you have clarified Old Testament chronology in your study "Ancient Chronology in Scripture" and established the date for the flood as 3537 BC,   is there anyone working with Dr. Dodwell's equations to see if he may have used incorrect dates to establish the shape of his decay curve ?

Barry: Thank you for your e-mail; it is appreciated.

As for your question, the observations on which Dodwell's curve depends are all well dated historically. There are only a few which may be incorrect. However the form of the curve is absolutely fixed by the known historical data of which there are over 60. Thus the axis tilt event really did occur in 2345 BC +/- 5 years.

This is in accord with entirely separate studies by Moe Mandelkehr and Dr Benny Peiser of the Cambridge Conference group relating to archaeology, climatology and geology. All show a major event occurred at that date, civilizations ended (such as the Old Kingdom in Egypt), climate changed significantly, some land bridges collapsed, and impact craters of that age have been found in South America and the Mid-East. So there is plenty of evidence that the curve is correct and that asteroidal impacts were involved.

I hope that this helps.