Dodwell: The Obliquity of the Ecliptic


Some of the works of special importance, containing data used in this investigation


The Chou-pei.  Earliest Chinese “Sacred Book of Calculations.”  translated into French by Edouard Biot, 1841

P. Gaubil, S.J. (French missionary to China, 1834).  “Recherches Astronomiques.”  The concluding portion deals with material published in 1809:  “The solstices and the meridian shadows of the gnomon observed in China.” Published by Laplace in “Connaissance des Temps” for 1809.

C.P.S. Menon.  “Early Astronomy and Cosmology.” Astronomical data from the Jaina Astronomical Treatise called “Suryaprajnapti.”

W. Brennand.  “Hindu Astronomy.”  Astronomical data from the ancient Hindu work,

Tannery.  “L’Astronomie Ancienne.”

H. Barnard, S.J.  “Matthieu Ricci’s Scientific Contribution to China.”

J.B. Biot.  “L’Astronomie  Indienne et Chinoise.”

E.M. Antoniadi.  “L’Astronomie Egyptienne.”

Strabo.  “Geography.”

Ptolemy.  “Syntaxis.”

Wendelin.  “Les Austographes Inédits de Wendelin à la Bibliothèque de Bruges, par M. El. Silverijser,”  University of Louvain.

J.L.E. Dreyer.  “Planetary Systems.”

Sir Thomas Heath.  “Early Science in Oxford.”

Sir Norman Lockyer.  “The Dawn of Astronomy.”  (Later measurements at Karnak by Egyptian Survey Department)

F.S. Richards.  “Survey of Egypte paper No. 38.” (“Note on the Age of the Great Teple of Ammon at Karnak as determined by the Orientation of its Axis”)

Sir Norman Lockyer.  “Stonehenge and other British Stone Monuments, astronomically considered.”

E.H. Stone.  “The Stones of Stonehenge.”

Frank Stevens.  Official Guide Book, “Stonehenge Today and Yesterday.”

Col. R. H. Cunnington.  “Stonehenge and its Date.”

Sir Flinders Petrie.  “Plan and Measurements of Stonehenge.”

British Archaeological Institute.  Proceedings.  reports and Articles, by Colonel Hawley and other writers on Stonehenge.

T.D. Kendrick.  “The Druids.”

T.D. Kendrick and Hawkes.  “Archaeology in England and Wales.”

Housma.  “Encyclopaedia of Islam.”

Rolf Müller.  “Der Sonnentempel in der Ruinenvon Tiahuanacu.”

Philip Ainsworth Means.  “Ancient Civilisations of the Andes.”